New Rules, DRS & Result Oriented Pitches, Bringing Crowd Back to Test Cricket

It has been said test cricket is real cricket. It tests your character, your patience, your will & skills, the ability to survive in tough times. However, after the advent of ODIs and T-20s, test cricket was finding it difficult to pull the crowd to the ground.

There were two obvious reasons, one it needs to be followed for 5 days, second there was no guaranty of a result. Nobody would like to see a match ending in a draw after following it for five consecutive days. That’s where the shorter formats are doing better, they produce immediate results and gets completed on the very same day.

India Australia Match

The other big reason why people were shying away from test cricket was the lack of action. Earlier, the rules were largely in favor of batsmen, and sometimes batsmen used to go in ultra defensive mode, they were allowed to pad the ball without having a risk of given out if the impact was outside the line of wickets. That approach can bore anyone to death. The new rules allow umpires to give the batsman out even if the impact happens outside the line of the stump when no shot offered by the batsman, with this rule being placed batsmen are now using their bats instead of pads.

The DRS (Decision Review System) and result oriented pitches also adding some great values to test cricket. Test cricket is more about bowlers, as to win test matches you need bowlers who can take 20 wickets. The heaps of runs may get you in the record book but don’t always win you matches. You need to get the opposition out twice in order to force as a positive result. It is better to see a match ending in 3 days rather than a tame draw where batsmen scoring heaps of runs and registering themselves in record books.

Now with more result oriented pitches, positive approach by batsmen and new experiment of day-night test cricket are being able to generate interest back in test cricket. The real cricket is played in whites lets hope the purest form of cricket has a long life.